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Rawls Master of Science

The importance of graduate education and research is clearly evident in Texas Tech University's exemplary reputation for educating future professionals, researchers, and professors. The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration truly caters to its students; the college, as well as the University, is small enough to offer uncrowded classes and close interaction with faculty, yet large enough to offer the high quality research and educational facilities expected of a great university. We are one of approximately 85 U.S. business schools that grant a Ph.D. degree, enhancing the ability to attract and retain an outstanding faculty. Our resources include courses that offer depth and breadth in a range of disciplines, varied pedagogy from world-renowned faculty, and students of exceptional talent, intelligence, and experience.


Graduate education in business offers you versatility for a wide variety of career options. Our state-of-the-art curriculum blends knowledge based on sound theory and research with a healthy mixture of learning by doing. Students develop an array of both conceptual and analytical tools, thus allowing them to synthesize a comprehensive approach to problem solving. You will acquire advanced and effective computer skills, as well as technical and quantitative knowledge, that will enhance your marketability for a rewarding career in management.

Our pedagogy consists of presentations, class discussions, case studies, and teamwork, which are essential ingredients of classroom learning. You will examine business success and failures, and analyze complex issues such as the impact of competing interests on an organization. You will be challenged to address ethical questions and make responsible judgments at the same time you are learning how to drive results through the organization.

A high contact approach to classroom activities will combine your abilities with those of others in team projects and presentations. You will have hands-on experience in managing conflicts and dealing with global competition and industry turbulence. You will learn to act appropriately as a manager. You will be required to demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills.


The faculty at the Rawls College of Business is internationally recognized for their innovative research and effective teaching methods. Their academic theories and research conceptions form a basis for excellence in teaching, helping students apply their problem solving skills to meet challenges in today's competitive business environs. Our 69 member, full-time teaching faculty challenges students to define direction and focus on their individual careers.

Honing Technical Skills

The Master of Science program is designed for those interested in developing expertise in a particular area of business. Compared to MBA students, MS students take fewer general business courses and instead concentrate in one area. The program prepares you to be a professional specialist in your chosen field and provides an excellent foundation for study at the doctoral level. The MS program will require a comprehensive examination in the field of specialization or a capstone course, depending on the area of specialization.

The Rawls Master of Science programs will offer you numerous opportunities to develop your leadership abilities through teamwork, interaction with business executives, and possibilities for professional internships. A faculty advisor is assigned to each student, and you will find they are eager to give counsel and guidance both in and out of the classroom.